vx is a suite of several low-level standalone packages for building visual interfaces with react. Packages can be mixed and used together depending on your use case, or you can simply add the umbrella @vx/vx package to use them all.

Individual packages can be roughly categorized as follows:

Chart primitives

Layouts & specialized


  • @vx/brush

    Enable selection of a part of an interface

  • @vx/drag

    Make elements of an interface draggable

  • @vx/voronoi

    Partition points in a chart to improve user interaction

  • @vx/zoom

    Apply transforms to a viewport

SVG utilities

  • @vx/clip-path

    Utilities for clip-path elements

  • @vx/event

    Utilities for computing svg coordinates from mouse or touch events

  • @vx/group

    Simplified API for <g /> elements

  • @vx/gradient

    Utilities for making making color gradient definitions

  • @vx/pattern

    Utilities for creating pattern definitions

  • @vx/text

    An improved SVG Text component

Data utilities